Teri Haws

Athletic Director
Jim Schmidt

1.If you don't love the work you're doing, you'll get sick physically and mentally or spiritually.  Eventually you'll make others sick too.

2. Avoid people who envy, complain and drain.

3. When you work in a place where your efforts are belittled, save yourself and leave. But until then, continue to do impeccable work otherwise you become like your detractors.

4.What a teacher feels and thinks about children in front of them makes all the difference in how much those children learn.

5. A teacher who keeps teaching the same thing in the same way slowly but surely dies in front of his students.

6 To become an excellent leader, start as and excellent follower.

7.While working on Plan A, always have Plan B and C written down somewhere if need be.

8. A good leader knows that it is important to move on long before his followers.

9. When you compete, don't just hope to win.  Plan to blow away the competition.

10. Always put people first, paper second.

1. I believe that participation in athletics is a privilege that enhances a students education.

2. I believe in respect, encouragement and acceptance of diversity.

3. I believe that coaches, parents, fans, officials and students must work together to achieve excellence.

4. I believe that each and every individual is important and valuable.

5. I believe that sportsmanship should be valued and its promotion and practice are essential.

6. I believe that equality and fairness must always be safeguarded.

7. I believe in the pursuit of excellence.

8. I believe effective communication promotes understanding, knowledge and collaboration.

9. I believe that everyone involved with athletics should be a positive role model at all times.

10. I believe that everyone involved with athletics should assume acceptance and personal responsibility for their involvement.

11. I believe that honesty and integrity are non-negotiable.

12. I believe that the process of striving to reach one's full potential is more important than winning.

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