Plano - Sandwich Football Rivalry

        Sandwich Indians and Plano Reapers Football Rivalry:

                   Originally Submitted by Chris Schwemlein, with help from Linda Hess and Greg Gould


     The Sandwich Indians and Plano Reapers first played each other in 1897, with both schools meeting for the first time in Sandwich with Plano winning 28-0. The new and exciting sport of football first began at the college level in 1869 between Princeton and Rutgers and was making its way as a professional sport when high schools in Illinois and across the country were adding it to their growing list of interscholastic sports.  Sandwich would lose to Plano again in 1904, in Sandwich, before reaching the victory column in 1905, in Sandwich.  Plano had requested that the 1905 game be played in Plano, but Sandwich refused until Plano relented and played at the Sandwich Fairgrounds. In some cases, games in Sandwich were played at Burkhart’s Ball Park, prior to furnishing their own high school field.  Plano’s games were played at Dow’s field, Gifford’s field, Probst field or Seibert’s field, or in Yorkville at the “Y” Park, before they were able to furnish their own high school field.

     Both rivals would often finish their regular seasons in late November (years before any IHSA playoff format arrived on the scene) and both teams sometimes finished the season by playing each other either on Thanksgiving Day, or, following World War I, on Armistice Day.  In later decades both would be the opponent of the other in their Homecoming games.  However, in their 100 plus year history, both rivals did not meet every season, due to a variety of circumstances.

    Plano had to drop football for several years in the mid to late 1930’s due to low numbers or numerous injuries that halted them from completing their season schedules.  Plano opted out of football and then turned to the Little Ten Conference Fall Softball League starting in 1936 and for the remainder of that decade until 1940, when they returned to playing football.


     The first conference affiliation for both schools occurred in 1940 with the formation of the Fox Valley Conference, which included rival Yorkville and Lemont and Plainfield.

 Plano chose to play its “home games” at the Yorkville “Y” Park in order to boost morale and backing, since Yorkville is one of the first communities to install lighting for night games in 1937 and, therefore, affords spectators the chance to witness games after daytime work hours.

     Sandwich’s nickname, the “Indians”, first appears in a 1933 newspaper article following a football loss at DeKalb.  Plano’s moniker, the “Reapers”, appears for the first time in December of 1946, after Plano had “harvested” 4 wins in a row in basketball play.

     From 1942 thru 1948, and also in 1955, both schools would meet each other twice on the regular season schedule before dropping the extra match in subsequent seasons. Both schools would claim multiple FVC Championship titles between 1940 and 1965.  In 1966, Plano, Sandwich and Yorkville all become part of the new Northeast Conference.  The two teams had a 0-0 tie in 1901 & 1941, at Yorkville’s “Y”, a 13-13 tie at Plano, in 1962 and another 0-0 tie at Plano in 1967, to account for the 4 ties in their storied rivalry.

     Football was dropped at Sandwich in 1976 and 1977 due to several failed referendums, but the sport reappeared on the scene  in 1978 when the school was an Independent and then joined The Big Eight Conference, which was an affiliation of Independent schools.  When the NEC was dropped in favor of the current Interstate Eight Conference that formed in 1979, of which Plano and Yorkville were members, Sandwich remained with the Big Eight until 1985 when it finally joined its two regional rivals in the IEC.  Later, Yorkville drops out of the IEC in 1991 to join the Little Seven Conference and the other, subsequent conference affiliations while Sandwich and Plano remain in the IEC to this day.

     Both Plano and Sandwich have had their strings of victories and losses to each other over the decades, which has made for an exciting series as any other in the state. That 102nd match, in 2013, was a first round post-season playoff victory for Plano over Sandwich, 36-7, at Plano.  This was the first time that either team had played each other in a post-season playoff game, ever.  In 2014, at Plano’s Homecoming, the Plano Reapers defeated the Sandwich Indians 45-24, in their 103th meeting.  Up to 2018, the 107th meeting Sandwich still has the edge of wins over losses at 53-50-4, but Plano improved to 50-53-4 overall in the process.

             Plano and Sandwich Football rivalry by year:

 Overall Records to date: (1897 (pre-IHSA) to 2018)


Sandwich-- 55 -  51  -  4  =   110

Plano      51 -  55  -  4  =   110

Game # Year Winner Def Loser Score at Place Streak
111 2021         at Sandwich  
DNP 2020 (Pandemic)       at Sandwich  
110 2019 Sandwich Defeated Plano 36-7 at Plano 1
109 2018 Plano Defeated Sandwich 26-20 at Plano 1
108 2017 Sandwich Defeated Plano 27-9 at Sandwich 1
107 2016 Plano Defeated Sandwich 63-26 at Plano 4
106 2015 Plano Defeated Sandwich 33-26 at Sandwich 3
105 2014 Plano Defeated Sandwich 45-24 at Plano 2
104 2013 Plano Defeated Sandwich 36-7 at Plano 1
in a first round playoff game This is the first time the two rivals
 have ever met in a post-season game and it also marked the 
first time since 1955 that both teams played each other twice in 
the same season.
103 2013 Sandwich Defeated Plano 24-20 at Sandwich 4
102 2012 Sandwich Defeated Plano 16-12 at Plano 3
101 2011 Sandwich Defeated Plano 23-22 at Sandwich 2
100 2010 Sandwich Defeated Plano 21-6 at Plano 1
99 2009 Plano Defeated Sandwich 28-27 at Plano 1
98 2008 Sandwich Defeated Plano 15-6 at Sandwich 1
97 2007 Plano Defeated Sandwich 7-3 at Plano 5
96 2006 Plano Defeated Sandwich 40-7 at Sandwich 4
95 2005 Plano Defeated Sandwich 38-14 at Sandwich 3
94 2004 Plano Defeated Sandwich 30-21 at Plano 2
93 2003 Plano Defeated Sandwich 13-12 at Sandwich 1
92 2002 Sandwich Defeated Plano 25-0 at Plano 2
91 2001 Sandwich Defeated Plano 20-14 at Plano 1
90 2000 Plano Defeated Sandwich 30-15 at Sandwich 1
89 1999 Sandwich Defeated Plano 37-13 at Plano 1
88 1998 Plano Defeated Sandwich 21-0 at Sandwich 4
87 1997 Plano Defeated Sandwich 42-6 at Plano 3
86 1996 Plano Defeated Sandwich 46-7 at Sandwich 2
Game # Year Winner Def Loser Score at Place Streak
85 1995 Plano Defeated Sandwich 18-6 at Plano 1
84 1994 Sandwich Defeated Plano 21-20 at Sandwich 1
83 1993 Plano Defeated Sandwich 27-6 at Plano 1
82 1992 Sandwich Defeated Plano 14-6 at Sandwich 1
81 1991 Plano Defeated Sandwich 32-16 at Plano 3
80 1990 Plano Defeated Sandwich 14-2 at Sandwich 2
79 1989 Plano Defeated Sandwich 14-0 at Plano 1
78 1988 Sandwich Defeated Plano 22-7 at Sandwich 4
77 1987 Sandwich Defeated Plano 8-6 at Plano 3
76 1986 Sandwich Defeated Plano 15-0 at Sandwich 2
75 1985 Sandwich Defeated Plano 7-0 at Plano 1
 (Sandwich in Interstate 8 Conf. for 1st year).  
74 1984 Plano Defeated Sandwich 20-14 at Plano 9
73 1983 Plano Defeated Sandwich 35-0 at Sandwich 8
72 1982 Plano Defeated Sandwich 26-0 at Plano 7
71 1981 Plano Defeated Sandwich 10-8 at Sandwich 6
70 1980 Plano Defeated Sandwich 30-0 at Sandwich 5
69 1979 Plano Defeated Sandwich 34-0 at Sandwich 4
68 1978 Plano Defeated Sandwich 38-0 at Plano 3
1977 Some sports for Sandwich reinstated, but not football. No rivalry
between Plano and Sandwich for the 2nd consecutive year.
1976 No interscholastic sports for Sandwich (failed referendum), hence,
 no rivalry between Indians and Plano. First time since 1939 that 
 there is no game between the foes.  
67 1975 Plano Defeated Sandwich 26-0 at Sandwich 2
66 1974 Plano Defeated Sandwich 8-0 at Plano 1
65 1973 Sandwich Defeated Plano 12-6 at Sandwich 1
64 1972 Plano Defeated Sandwich 12-8 at Sandwich 1
Game # Year Winner Def Loser Score at Place Streak
63 1971 Sandwich Defeated Plano 14-8 at Plano 4
62 1970 Sandwich Defeated Plano 14-6 at Sandwich 3
61 1969 Sandwich Defeated Plano 8-6 at Plano 2
60 1968 Sandwich Defeated Plano 16-0 at Sandwich 1
59 1967 Plano Tie Sandwich 0-0 at Plano -
58 1966 Sandwich Defeated Plano 35-14 at Sandwich 3
 in the newly formed Northeast Conference (NEC) consisting of Plano, 
Sandwich and Yorkville and other nearby schools.
57 1965 Sandwich Defeated Plano 32-0 at Sandwich 2
Last season of the FVC
56 1964 Sandwich Defeated Plano 18-0 at Plano 1
55 1963 Plano Defeated Sandwich 25-7 at Sandwich 1
54 1962 Plano Tie Sandwich 13-13 at Plano -
53 1961 Plano Defeated Sandwich 13-6 at Sandwich 1
52 1960 Sandwich Defeated Plano 12-0 at Plano 8
51 1959 Sandwich Defeated Plano 13-0 at Sandwich 7
50 1958 Sandwich Defeated Plano 31-0 at Plano 6
49 1957 Sandwich Defeated Plano 39-0 at Plano 5
48 1956 Sandwich Defeated Plano 13-0 at Plano 4
47 1955 Sandwich Defeated Plano 15-0 at Plano 3
46 1955 Sandwich Defeated Plano 7-0 at Sandwich 2
45 1954 Sandwich Defeated Plano 18-0 at Sandwich 1
44 1953 Plano Defeated Sandwich 19-12 at Sandwich 2
43 1952 Plano Defeated Sandwich 6-0 at Plano 1
42 1951 Sandwich Defeated Plano 6-0 at Sandwich 7
41 1950 Sandwich Defeated Plano 39-0 at Plano 6
40 1949 Sandwich Defeated Plano 39-0 at Sandwich 5
39 1948 Sandwich Defeated Plano 38-6 at Sandwich 4
38 1948 Sandwich Defeated Plano 58-0 at Plano 3
Game # Year Winner Def Loser Score at Place Streak
37 1947 Sandwich Defeated Plano 7-6 at Plano 2
36 1947 Sandwich Defeated Plano 26-7 at Sandwich 1
 (under the new lights and on the newly reconstructed field!). 
35 1946 Plano Defeated Sandwich 14-8 at Sandwich 5
34 1946 Plano Defeated Sandwich 24-6 at Yorkville Y 4
(Sandwich HS is building a new football field at this time).
33 1945 Plano Defeated Sandwich 13-0 at Sandwich 3
32 1945 Plano Defeated Sandwich 28-26 at Yorkville Y 2
31 1944 Plano Defeated Sandwich 27-6 at Yorkville Y 1
30 1944 Sandwich Defeated Plano 6-0 at Sandwich 1
29 1943 Plano Defeated Sandwich 39-0 at Sandwich 4
28 1943 Plano Defeated Sandwich 27-12 at Yorkville Y 3
27 1942 Plano Defeated Sandwich 40-14 at Sandwich 2
26 1942 Plano Defeated Sandwich 18-0 at Yorkville Y 1
25 1941 Plano Tie Sandwich 0-0 at Yorkville Y -
24 1940 Sandwich Defeated Plano 30-20 at Sandwich 11
 in the newly formed Fox Valley Conference.  
1939 No Match Up
1938 No Match Up
1937 No Match Up
1936 No Match Up
23 1935 Sandwich Defeated Plano 27-12 at Plano 10
22 1935 Sandwich Defeated Plano 12-7 at Sandwich 9
21 1934 Sandwich Defeated Plano 26-18 at Sandwich 8
20 1933 Sandwich Defeated Plano 41-0 at Plano 7
19 1932 Sandwich Defeated Plano 27-0 at Sandwich 6
1931 No Match Up 
1930 No Match Up 
18 1929 Sandwich Defeated Plano 46-0 at Plano 5
1928 No Match Up 
1927 No Match Up 
17 1926 Sandwich Defeated Plano 33-0 at Sandwich 4
16 1925 Sandwich Defeated Plano 28-0 at Sandwich 3
1924 No Match Up 
1923 No Match Up 
Game # Year Winner Def Loser Score at Place Streak
1922 No Match Up 
1921 No Match Up 
1920 No Match Up 
1919 No Match Up 
1918 No Match Up 
1917 No Match Up 
1916 No Match Up 
1915 No Match Up 
1914 No Match Up 
1913 No Match Up 
15 1912 Sandwich Defeated Plano 63-0 at Sandwich 2
1911 No Match Up 
1910 No Match Up 
14 1909 Sandwich Defeated Plano 29-0 at Sandwich 1
1908 No Match Up 
1907 No Match Up 
13 1906 Plano Defeated Sandwich 29-6 at Plano 1
12 1905 Sandwich Defeated Plano 11-6 at Sandwich 1
11 1904 Plano Defeated Sandwich 23-0 at Plano 5
10 1904 Plano Defeated Sandwich 18-0 at Sandwich 4
9 1903 Plano Defeated Sandwich 16-0 at Plano(Dow's Field) 3
8 1902 Plano Defeated Sandwich 17-0 at Plano(Henning Field) 2
 (A rematch game between both schools a short time later was canceled  
because the two town teams played first and took too much (daylight) 
time to finish and a publicized Thanksgiving Day game never materialized.). 
7 1901 Plano Defeated Sandwich 2-0 at Sandwich 1
Sandwich Fairgrounds (Thanksgiving Day game).
6 1901 Plano Tie Sandwich 0-0 at Plano -
Modern Era begins with games governed and sanctioned by the
newly formed Illinois High School Association
5 1900 Sandwich Defeated Plano 11-0 at Sandwich 3
4 1900 Sandwich Defeated Plano 5-0 at Plano 2
3 1899 Sandwich Defeated Plano 5-0 at Sandwich 1
Plano forefeited a game (according to Sandwich officials) because Plano tried  
inserting a player each school knew was not a student at Plano.
2 1899 Plano Defeated Sandwich 20-0 at Plano 2
1898 No Match Up 
1 1897 Plano Defeated Sandwich 28-0 at Sandwich 1



Plano and Sandwich Football rivalry

by year

with summaries

1897--The first published record of a football game between Sandwich and Plano High Schools was at Sandwich, with Plano winning 28-0


1903--A published record of a football game between Sandwich and Plano High Schools was from late Sept/early Oct of 1903 in the Kendall County News newspaper.  The game was to be played at Dow’s field (probably a farm field (pasture?) since the f in field is not capitalized).  Plano def Sandwich by a score of 16-0.  Sandwich had won the toss and elected to take the north end of Dow’s field.  The local newspapers, the Sandwich Free Press and the Kendall County News of Plano, carried the same article of what transpired.


1904--The following year, in 1904, both teams played at Sandwich on Oct. 1, 1904.  Though the account doesn’t mention where in Sandwich the game was played at, in all likelihood it probably took place on the Sandwich Fairgrounds.  Plano def Sandwich, 18-0.  In the Kendall County News the write up had this cheer for the locals in Plano: 

“Purple, purple, purple and White.

18-0, that’s all right." In the second match up at Plano on Nov. 23, 1904 Plano defeated Sandwich by the score of 23-0.


1905--Early in the 1905 season there was a call around the nation to revise the rules of foot ball, due to the death of a player in Oak Park.  For years many knew the brutality that this new sport brought with it.  Though many spectators and players tried to keep the game clean and fair, there were instances where the brutish nature of the sport brought out the worst in both.  On November 18th, 1905 both squads met again, in Sandwich, with Sandwich def Plano, their arch rivals, by a score of 11-6.  Plano had been trying to get Sandwich to play the purple and white on their own turf, but to no avail, and it seems Plano acquiesced and agreed to play Sandwich on their home grounds instead.


1906--On November 24th, 1906 the teams met in Plano, at Gifford’s field.  In addition to Sandwich losing to Plano by a score of 29-6, Sandwich also lost several players to injuries, one of those players, Lawrence Coles, suffered a torn spleen during a play in which he took a knee to the stomach.


1907 & 1908--According to a Sandwich Free Press article in 1909, there apparently were no “official” games between Sandwich and Plano in 1907 and 1908 when they heralded the Thanksgiving match up between both schools at the Sandwich Fairgrounds..  However, in 1908, according to a Kendall County News blurb, Plano traveled to Sandwich, in what appeared to be a makeshift squad, or split squad,  for the purple and white.  Several of their players appeared to be in Leland on the same day playing a scheduled game, while several also came to Sandwich to play a game in which Sandwich won handily,36-0,in that affair.  It would appear that neither school recognized the 1908 match as a game that had been scheduled or sanctioned to represent both schools, athletically speaking.


1909–The Thanksgiving Day game at the Sandwich Fairgrounds, Sandwich def Plano with a 29-0 victory.  The newspaper article in the Sandwich Free Press relates that the kickoff of the game took place at 3:15pm in the afternoon.


1910–No published account in the Sandwich Free Press nor the Kendall County News that Sandwich and Plano had scheduled or played each other.  Sandwich fielded a team that played at the Fairgrounds. A late October newspaper article in the KCN reports that Plano boys have organized a football team and preparing to practice with an Oct 30th game scheduled against Joliet.  No report is published stating that the game ever was played. It appears the team folded as quickly as it formed.


1911–No published account in the Sandwich Free Press that Sandwich and Plano had played each other.  Sandwich fielded a team that played at the Fairgrounds.  An Oct KCN article describes a football match between the Plano Athletic Football team and the Sandwich Badgers town teams, with Plano winning by a score of 25-6. 




1912--Sandwich and Plano met for football at Burkhart’s Ball Park in Sandwich, where Sandwich def Plano by a final score of 63-0.  Other games would be played at the Fairgrounds too.


1913–No published accounts in the Sandwich Free Press that Sandwich even had a team, let alone a schedule of games.  No 1913 publication of the KCN is found on microfilm.  It jumps from 1912 to 1914, and beyond.


1914–No published accounts in the Sandwich Free Press that Sandwich even had a team, let alone a schedule of games.  The same for Plano in the KCN.


1915–Sandwich fielded a team and played games, but no account of having played Plano.  No account in the KCN that Plano even had a team, let alone a schedule for the season.


1916–Sandwich fielded a team and played games, but no account of having played Plano. Sandwich did defeat Yorkville 104-0.


1917–No published accounts in the Sandwich Free Press that any football team in Sandwich had formed, or even had a schedule. World War 1 draws the U.S. into the fold.  The homefront is strong in focusing and supporting the war effort at home and abroad.


1918–WWI is close to an end, but the great Flu epidemic is a bigger war on the homefront as thousands die from its effects. No account of Sandwich nor Plano having football squads this year either.


1919–No published accounts in the Sandwich Free Press of any Sandwich High School football games taking place, nor in Plano for that matter. WWI is over and the towns are preparing for a big reception and homecoming for its enlistees.

1920–Sandwich Free Press, October article, hails the return of football to Sandwich HS, after missing for several years.  Games are scheduled, but no indication that Plano and Sandwich ever played each other.  Games are played at the Fairgrounds.  In one game, John Woodward, son of Mr. & Mrs. A. E. Woodward, is badly injured and lies unconscious for several hours before recovering.  It is reported that he plans to be ready for the next game.  Sandwich closes out its season by losing to Pleasant View Academy (Ottawa) in the annual Thanksgiving Day game at the Sandwich Fairgrounds by a score of 24-6.  No game was played against Plano this year.


1921–In addition to the Sandwich High School team having a team and schedule, the Sandwich Tabbies, a town football team, shares the billing at the Sandwich Fairgrounds on occasion with the prep players.  Both squads have remarkably successful campaigns and attendance.  The Tabbies play against other “town” teams like the Hinckley Legion,  Geneva Owls, Aurora Forresters and Aurora Colts.  A double billing on Thanksgiving to close the season had the high school team defeated Lockport by a score of 14-0 and the Tabbies defeated the Hinckley Legion team. There are not enough players for a football team in Plano.


1922–Sandwich completes another football season. The November 4th home game against Sycamore is scrubbed because Sycamore is quarantined with an outbreak of smallpox.  November 25th is the last game of the season at the fairgrounds where Sandwich loses to DeKalb by a score of 38-0.  There is no final game played on Thanksgiving Day, November 30th, 1922.  It is doubtful Plano can field a football team.


1923–Sandwich fields another football team, but Plano does not show up on their schedule of opponents for the 4th consecutive season. There is no known season ending game that shows up in the local Sandwich Free Press paper.  No Thanksgiving Day game for the 2nd consecutive year.



1924–Sandwich fields another football team.  November 22nd game is the season ending game, a 16-2 victory over Amboy.  No Thanksgiving Day game for the 3rd consecutive season and for the 5th consecutive year there is no match played against Plano. This is the first time in 4 years (1920) , according to a 1928 KCN article, that Plano has begun a football program again.


1925–The season for Sandwich gets started later than usual, beginning in October against Hinckley.  The November 26th Thanksgiving Day game, which was open at the start of the season, is filled in with rival Plano, Sandwich won this game 28-0.  The Sandwich town football team now goes by the name of the “Pirates”


1926–Sandwich def Plano, 33-0, at Sandwich, on Thanksgiving Day.


1927–Plano shows having a squad with a full schedule, but Sandwich is not on that schedule.  Though a September KCN article proclaims there will be some team for Plano to play on Thanksgiving Day, weeks go by and it does not transpire and the Plano schedule ends in mid-November against Genoa. Plano is playing home games at (Frank) Gifford’s field.


1928–Sandwich and Plano field football squads but there is no game on the schedule between them.  The last game of the season ends on November 16th for Sandwich and there is no Thanksgiving Day game held.  Coach Clark and Plano hail several athletic improvements at the beginning of the Fall session, including having leased 4 acres South of the High School of Mrs. Seibert for the purpose of having an athletic field.



1929–Sandwich def Plano, 46-0, at Plano.

1930–The only time Sandwich and Plano meet is for a scrimmage game, it is not an official high school game, as it was listed in the paper that Plano and Yorkville teams would be scrimmage games on the Orange and Black schedule.  Sandwich’s season ends at Sandwich on Armistice Day (November 11th) with a 42-0 whipping on Marseilles.


1931–No Sandwich versus Plano matchup on the schedule this season.


1932–Sandwich def Plano, 27-0 at Sandwich.


1933–Sandwich’s first game is a night game at DeKalb against the Barbs and in the Sandwich Free Press newspaper article is a reference to  the Sandwich team being referred to as the Indians”.  It reads: “DeKalb got the ball on the next kick-off and the Sandwich line could not seem to withstand their furious onslaught. They bore the  Sandwich “Indians” (as the high school eleven has been dubbed) steadily backward for a first touchdown for DeKalb.” Sandwich def Plano, at Plano, by a score of 41-0. While the High School team ends its season on November 10th, a local Merchants team also plays other local town teams and finishes up their season on Thanksgiving Day by hosting the colored team called the Aurora Aces.  They have a “Ladies Day” price set to encourage women to attend that day’s game.


1934–Sandwich defeats Plano 26-18, at Sandwich.


1935–Sandwich defeats Plano 12-7, in a Monday night game, at Sandwich, and, 4 weeks later Sandwich defeats Plano 27-12, at Plano.  In 1935 Sandwich’s football schedule had Yorkville and Plano listed to play twice that season. Plano, riddled by injuries and a lack of subs, is unable to complete the football season and cancelling games against Yorkville and Plainfield.


1936–Plano opts to field a softball team playing in the Little Ten Conference (their Fall sport) due to low numbers. No football.


1937–There is no matchup between Sandwich and Plano this season as Plano once again fields a softball team while Sandwich fields a football squad.


1938–Sandwich has football again, no sign of Plano on the schedule.  Sandwich wraps up the season playing Mendota on Armistice Day.


1939–Sandwich has football, no sign of Plano on the schedule.


1940–Sandwich and Plano meet once again, at Sandwich.  Sandwich def Plano 30-20 in the newly formed Fox Valley Conference made up of both teams and rivals Yorkville, Lemont and Plainfield. Plano travels to Shabbona as both teams play 8 man squads a week after this game.


1941–Sandwich and Plano play to a scoreless tie, 0-0.  But the game is not at either’s home turf.  They play at the Yorkville “Y”, under the lights.  This is done in order to boost Plano’s chances of growing and sustaining its fledgling football program.




1942–Plano def Sandwich 18-0 at the Yorkville “Y” under the lights.                   Plano def Sandwich 40-14, at Sandwich.

          Sandwich’s pep song appears in the Sept 24th local SFP paper.


1943–Plano def Sandwich 27-12 at the Yorkville “Y”.

           Plano def Sandwich 39-0, at Sandwich.

            Plano captures the Fox Valley League title with an                                        undefeated 6-0 record.


1944–Sandwich def Plano 6-0 at Sandwich

          Plano def Sandwich 27-6, at the Yorkville “Y”.


1945–Plano def Sandwich 28-26 at the Yorkville “Y”.

          Plano def Sandwich 13-0, at Sandwich.

          Plano captures the Fox Valley League title with a 5-0-1 record.


1946–Plano def Sandwich 24-6, at the Yorkville “Y”.  (Sandwich HS is            building a new football field at this time).

          Plano def Sandwich 14-8, at Sandwich.

Plano captures the Fox Valley League title with an undefeated 6-0            record. The nickname “Reapers” shows up in a December 1946  KCN article, indicating that the Plano team has chosen a moniker.


1947–Sandwich def Plano 26-7, at Sandwich, under the new lights and on the newly reconstructed field!

          Sandwich def Plano 7-6, at Plano. / Yorkville wins the Fox Valley League title.


1948–Sandwich def Plano 58-0, at Plano.

          Sandwich def Plano 38-6, at Sandwich.

Sandwich captures the Fox Valley Conference title.


1949–Sandwich def Plano 39-0, at Sandwich.

          November 18th Sandwich plays Coldwater Cavaliers (Ohio), at                    Coldwater, in first ever exchange game. Sandwich wins 13-0. New Idea Manufacturing, which has plant locations in both towns, is behind this effort in having both teams exchange playing games each year.

          Sandwich and Plainfield tie for Fox Valley Conference title.


1950–Sandwich def Plano 39-0, at Plano.  Sandwich’s undefeated 6-0 record goes for naught, as Sandwich is barred from conference play in 1950 season!  Sandwich def visiting Coldwater, OH 30-12 in the exchange game at the end of the season.

1951–Sandwich def Plano 6-0, at Sandwich.  Sandwich claims 21 straight conference wins and claims it’s 2nd outright FVC title.


1952–Plano def Sandwich, 6-0, at Plano.  Coldwater, Ohio returns to whip the host Indians 58-0 in the New Idea exchange game finale of the season.


1953–Plano def Sandwich, 19-12, at Sandwich.


1954–Sandwich def Plano, 18-0, at Sandwich, in a non-conference game that is played on Veteran’s (Armistice) Day, November 11th.


1955–Sandwich def Plano, 7-0, at Sandwich’s Homecoming Game.

          Sandwich def Plano, 15-0, at Plano.


1956–Sandwich def Plano, 13-0, at Plano.


1957–Sandwich def Plano 39-0, at Plano.


1958–Sandwich def Plano, 31-0, at Plano.


1959–Sandwich def Plano, 13-0, at Sandwich.


1960–Sandwich def Plano 12-0, at Plano.


1961–Plano def Sandwich, 13-6, at Sandwich.


1962–Sandwich and Plano tie 13-13, at Plano.


1963–Plano def Sandwich, 25-7, at Sandwich.


1964–Sandwich def Plano, 18-0, at Plano.

          Sandwich goes undefeated (5-0) (7-1) in FVC to claim title.


1965–Sandwich def Plano, 32-0, at Sandwich./Last season of the FVC.

1966–Sandwich def Plano, 35-14, at Sandwich.  Newly formed Northeast Conference (NEC) consisting of Plano, Sandwich and Yorkville,


1967–Plano and Sandwich tie, 0-0, at Plano.


1968–Sandwich def Plano, 16-0, at Sandwich.


1969–Sandwich def Plano, 8-6, at Plano.


1970–Sandwich def Plano, 14-6, at Sandwich.


1971–Sandwich def Plano, 14-8, at Plano./Plano & Yville tie for NEC title with identical 6-1 records.


1972–Plano def Sandwich, 12-8, at Sandwich


1973–Sandwich def Plano, 12-6, at Sandwich.


1974–Plano def Sandwich, 8-0, at Plano.


1975–Plano def Sandwich, 26-0, at Sandwich.


***1976–No interscholastic sports for Sandwich (failed referendum), hence, no rivalry between Indians and Plano. First time since 1939 that there is no game between the foes.   Plano ties Yville for 2nd in the NEC.


***1977–Some sports for Sandwich reinstated, but not football.  No rivalry between Plano and Sandwich for the 2nd consecutive year.


1978–Plano (NEC) def Sandwich (Ind), 38-0, at Plano. Sandwich plays as an Independent football entity.  Part of the Big Eight Conference?


1979–Plano (IEC) def Sandwich (BEC), 34-0, at Sandwich.

Newly formed Interstate Eight Conference (IEC) is formed.  Yorkville and Plano are part of the new IEC. Sandwich remains an Independent.


1980–Plano def Sandwich, 30-0, at Sandwich. Plano IEC Champs, Quarter Finalist


1981–Plano (IEC) def Sandwich (BEC) 10-8, at Sandwich.


1982–Plano def Sandwich, 26-0, at Plano.


1983–Plano def Sandwich, 35-0, at Sandwich.


1984–Plano def Sandwich, 20-14, at Plano.


1985–Sandwich def Plano, 7-0, at Plano. (Sandwich in IEC for 1st year.  Sandwich wins IEC title (7-0) (8-1), go to playoffs.


1986–Sandwich def Plano, at Sandwich, 15-0.


1987–Sandwich def Plano, 8-6, at Plano.


1988–Sandwich def Plano, 22-7, at Sandwich./Yville wins IEC title (7-0)


1989–Plano def Sandwich, 14-0, at Plano.


1990–Plano def Sandwich, 14-2, at Sandwich.


1991–Plano def Sandwich, 32-16, at Plano.


1992–Sandwich def Plano, 14-6, at Sandwich.


1993–Plano def Sandwich, 27-6, at Plano.


1994–Sandwich def Plano, 21-20, at Sandwich.


1995–Plano def Sandwich, 18-6, at Plano.


1996–Plano def Sandwich, 46-7, at Sandwich.


1997–Plano def Sandwich, 42-6, at Plano.


1998–Plano def Sandwich, 21-0, at Sandwich.


1999–Sandwich def Plano, 37-13, at Plano.


2000–Plano def Sandwich, 30-15, at Sandwich.


2001–Sandwich def Plano, 20-14, at Plano.


2002–Sandwich def Plano, 25-0, at Plano.   Sandwich makes playoffs.


2003–Plano def Sandwich, 13-12, at Sandwich.


2004–Plano def Sandwich, 30-21, at Plano.


2005–Plano def Sandwich, 38-14, at Sandwich. Plano Quarter Finalist


2006–Plano def Sandwich, 40-7, at Sandwich./Plano IEC & State Champs


2007–Plano def Sandwich, 7-3, at Plano. /Plano IEC & State Champs


2008–Sandwich def Plano, 15-6, at Sandwich. Plano Made Playoffs


2009–Plano def Sandwich, 28-27, at Plano. Plano made Playoffs


2010–Sandwich def Plano, 21-6, at Plano.    Sandwich made playoffs.


2011–Sandwich def Plano, 23-22, at Sandwich.  Plano & Sandwich made playoffs.


2012—Sandwich def Plano, 16-12, at Plano.  Plano & Sandwich Made playoffs.


2013—Sandwich def Plano, 24-20, at Sandwich.

            Plano def Sandwich, 36-7, at Plano.  This is the first time the two rivals have ever

            met in a post-season game and it also marked the first time since 1955 that both

            teams played each other twice in the same season. Plano & Sandwich Made Playoffs


2014—Plano def Sandwich 45-24, at Plano. Plano Made Playoffs


2015—Plano def Sandwich 33-26, at Sandwich


2016—Plano def Sandwich 63-26, at Plano


2017—Sandwich def Plano 27-9, at Sandwich


2018—Plano def Sandwich 26-20, at Plano





Overall Records to date: (1897 (pre-IHSA) to present season)

                         wins             loss       tie                Total Games 

Sandwich--      54               51            4                            109*

Plano                54               51           4                             109*


*includes Plano Reaper 2013 playoff win vs. Sandwich, at Plano.



Plano vs. Sandwich Football Rivalry Decade Summary:

Decade   Wins Losses Ties      Overall:


Plano:    1      0    0         1-0-0

Sandwich  0      1    0         0-1-0



Plano:    4      2    0         4-2-0

Sandwich  2      4    0         2-4-0



Plano     0      1    0         3-3-0

Sandwich  1      0    0         3-3-0


Plano     0      3    0         3-5-0

Sandwich  3      0    0         5-3-0


Plano     0      5    0         3-10-0

Sandwich  5      0    0         10-3-0 


Plano     9      7    1         12-17-1

Sandwich  7      9    1         17-12-1


Plano     2      9    0         14-26-1



Plano     2      6    2         16-32-3

Sandwich  6      2    2         32-16-3



Plano:    5      3    0         21-35-3

Sandwich  3      5    0         35-21-3



Plano     6      4    0         27-39-3

Sandwich  4      6    0         39-27-3



Plano     7      3    0         34-42-4

Sandwich  3      7    0         42-34-4



Plano     7      3    0         41-45-4

Sandwich  3      7    0         45-41-4


Plano     5      5    0         51-54-4

Sandwich  5      5    0         54-51-4

(thru 2014)*includes Plano’s 36-7 victory in 2013 over Sandwich in the 1st round of the 2013 playoffs, the first time either team has played each other in a post season game!


Overall Series=109 games played head to head as of 2018 season.