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Kunz "O" Line Stats

Kunz O-line Ranking (KOR) Value Rating System

  In 2006 while working part time as a tutor in my off season while I trained and worked and coached, I developed a rating system to rank my offensive linemen in a race to win Offensive Lineman of the year. Having played at “The U” I have a lot of experience in having my own performances graded, and I've also had a lot of experience dealing with and studying the BCS system. My system is similar to the original BCS, however, it is really just a random formula that I came up with that has been reliable and fun to work with for the last 5 years.


  My ranking system is set up to include 9 positive stat categories and 9 negative stat categories as follows:


Positive Stats            Negative Stats

Performance %                       OTG's

Technique %     Wandering Eskimos

Effort %                                Clocks

Hat Tricks                           Maytags

Pancakes                               Getoffs

Rails                           Sacks Allowed

Plays                       Tackles Allowed

X Effort                                    Loafs

O-lineman of the week         Penalties

  In each category, players are ranked 1-10. The person in 1 st place receives 10 points while the person in 10 th place receives 1 point. In case of ties, the points are split.


  Once each player has been given their positive and negative point totals, I double the positive points, then subtract the negative points from the positive points. I then divide by 9. (because there are 9 categories) I had found that the lowest possible score after doing this resulted in a -10, so I add ten to every score to keep the scores in positive territory.

  For me, it is a lot of fun to coach offensive line and to watch film with the players to help them improve. This system is designed to help them eliminate bad habits and work hard to do their best every play because every single play is being analyzed. The competition for Offensive Lineman of the Year is just added excitement to the season and geared to get our players excited about blocking and competing to be the best.


  The rankings themselves are simply a comparative analysis of our linemen and how they rank against each other. In an attempt to honor past players I have coached, I have developed a “Record Book” which allows me to compare players from different years, as well as teams from different years. I have also gone back and watched my senior season at Carlyle High School and graded it so that I could set the bar high for my players. (And also talk trash!)


  Early on in the season, the stats will go up and down like an elevator until later in the season when there will be more consistent results. Also, remember that players who have played less plays also have had less opportunities to mess up. Early on, a player who has played 10 plays and did well on those 10 plays may be ranked higher than someone who played the entire game but has a lot of bad habits. Also, negative stats such as Sacks allowed and loafs do not happen as often. Therefore, when a player does one of these things it hurts their score a lot. If a player is the first person to give up a sack then they will have 10 negative points attached to their score until other players also give up sacks. As the year goes on however, it all evens out.


  If nothing else, I hope you enjoy keeping tabs on the rankings and realize while it is just a supplementary competition to keep the beef motivated, it is fun for them and makes them feel the same feeling a running back has when he runs for 100 yards.

Explanation of "O" Line Stats

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