REAPER NATION began officially with the 2004 Girls Basketball season.  Its first full year began with the 2005 season.  From there we began our slogan each year to honor each Generation of Reaper Athletes.  REAPER NATION stands for unity of athletes and fans of our community.

(as of official, is when we filed papers for the copyright of reapernation, and granted)


The Nation Has Risen (1st Generation) - 2005

There Can Only Be One (2nd Generation) - 2006

Strength Honor Heart (3rd Generation) - 2007

Feel The Power (4th Generation) - 2008


Pride and Glory (5th Generation) - 2009


We Believe – We Belong (6th Generation) - 2010


One Team, One Goal, One Destiny (7th Generation)




Respect All - Fear None (8th Generation) - 2012



Reapers of Steel (9th Generation) - 2013


More Than a NATION, a FAMILY (10th Generation)


The Nation Never Stops (11th Generation) 2015


One Versus All (12th Generation) 2016

Next Rigt Thing (13th Generation) 2017 

"REAPER PRIDE" (14th Generation) 2018 

"PRIDE, WORK, WIN!" (15 th Generation) 2019


(16th Generation) 2020


(17th Generation) 2021


Plano High School in Plano, Illinois is located approximately 60 miles southwest of Chicago. The population of our town is approximately 10,9000.  Currently, our high school completed a 24 million dollar expansion. In regards to our sports facilities, our football field is one of the finest in the state for high school football. In addition, we provide an impressive softball and baseball field with large press boxes and concession stands. Beginning in February of 2008 we will have an additional gym to support our fall and winter sports. Plano High School is host to the best Wrestling Classic and Christmas Classic Basketball Tournaments.  Because of our facilities, we host the softball and baseball playoffs each year as well as some basketball regional and sectional play.   Our mascot name is not duplicated by any other school in the state.  We are the only school who carries the name Reapers.  Not to be confused with the Grim Reaper, the Reapers are named for our heritage of the "Birthplace of the Reaper" harvester.  Over the past 6 years, our sports programs have enjoyed success that only a few schools can match.  As listed:

Football: 2005 Semi Finalist (Final 4)

Football 2006 State Champions 3A Football (14-0 Perfect Season)

Football 2007 State Champions 3A Football (13-1 Back to Back State Champions)

Girls Basketball: 2003-2004-2005 Regional Champions

Boys Basketball: 2005 Regional Champions

Wrestling:  2007 State Champion  (Heavyweight)

Softball: 2005 Regional Champions-2006 Regional & Sectional Champions.

Track and Field:  2001-2007 State Champion, State Qualifiers and Conference Champions

Wrestling:  2009 State Champion (JJ Cannon)

Track and Field 2010 110 Men’s Hurdles State Champion (Joseph Jones)

The Reapers, aka Reaper Nation; is a member of the Interstate Eight Conference.  In winning the Class 3A State Championship in football again in 2007, the Reapers became the only team in the history of the I-8 to win back to back state titles.  The football program is supported by a great PYTF, (Plano Youth Tackle Football); program. This League teaches our "young nation" of football players the fundamentals and toughness of the game.  Because of the intense dedication of our coaches, parents and the rest of the Reaper Nation, our PYTF Super Lightweight and Lightweight Divisions won the 2007 Tri-County Youth Tackle League Super Bowl Trophies.  Unlike other school districts, our Athletic Director is also our District AD.  His implementation of programs on the Middle School level to improve the talent level of our athletes gives our incoming freshman athletes an competitive advantage entering high school.  We are proud of our accomplishments and of our athletes Strength Honor Heart.  There Can Only Be One   The Nation Has Spoken